Pax Christi International: Assemblea Generale

A partire da mercoledì 18 fino a domenica 22 aprile, si terrà ad Arras l’assemblea generale del movimento.

In particolare di riunirà il board a partire dal 18. Si uniranno poi i rappresentanti delle associazioni aderenti. Infine ci sarà la assemblea generale aperta a tutti i membri.

Arras è un borgo francese rimasto sulla linea della prima guerra mondiale per tutta la durata del conflitto.

Riportiamo sotto in lingua inglese i temi che verranno affrontati nei vari incontri:

  1. General sharing of the work of the Sections.

–          Objective: To exchange and learn how our members are working on peace

–          Activity: We ask each participant to prepare in advance a 10 minute presentation as well as a summary document that will be made available to participants on the platform. The participants are expected to present the topics below in the way they believe is the most suitable (PowerPoint presentation, video…).

  1. 2017 Report of the PCI International Secretariat

–          Objective: To inform the PCI members and partners on the work that has been done by the International Secretariat and to reflect on the outcomes, including the regionalisation work of Pax Christi International in Asia-Pacific, the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, project Latin-America & Caribbean and Great Lakes, etc.

  1. Advocacy

–          Objective: To update the PCI members and partners on the advocacy work of Pax Christi International and monitor and evaluate their outcomes in order to plan and strategize future works:

o   Evaluation of the work on the 4 priorities in 2017

o   Suggestions and planning of the future work

  1. Strategy 2020-2030

–          Objective: To put in motion a discussion on a strategy 2020-2030 to make the Pax Christi movement sustainable in the future with a clear vision towards 2030.

  1. Catholic Nonviolence Initiative

–          Objective: to update participants on the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative project and discuss the following items and questions:

o   Report on the roundtables and the working groups and further plans

o   How to make the resources of the roundtables and working groups available in order to build up a pool of resources

o   What has been done on Nonviolence in the Sections’ own setting?

  1. 2020 World Assembly Hiroshima, Japan

Objective: To update participants on the preparations of the 2020 World Assembly in Japan and move forward in the making of a planning committee and in the finalizing of the programme and needed reservations.

This session is going to be attended by Sr Hirota Filo, Japan Catholic Council for Justice and Peace (JCCJP)

  1. Youth Engagement in Pax Christi

Objective: To update participants on the Young Peace Journalists project, to discuss the contribution of Pax Christi to the Youth Synod, participation in the JMJ and the youth engagement within the Pax Christi movement


  1. Interfaith Dimension in the Pax Christi movement

Objective: To discuss how to prioritize the cooperation of the Pax Christi movement with Muslim and Jewish peacemakers and with people of other traditions, spiritualties and convictions. (Bethlehem Commitment)

  1. Closed session: Exchange among Pax Christi Generals/Coordinators

Objective: This session is meant to allow the Secretary Generals/Coordinators of the Sections to get to know one another better and to exchange informally about their work as Secretary General/Coordinator in their Section. Main challenges (positive and negative) faced by the Secretaries/Coordinators, elements that hinder/help their work:

o   Internal: Within the movement and/or organization

o   External: Happening in one’s country and/or in the world

  1. Legal AGM Business Meeting: Pax Christi Generals/Coordinators (attendance open to the International Board)

–          Approval of the AGM agenda and appointment of the Chairperson

–          Voting procedures:

o   Fixation of the number of votes for this General Meeting

o   Appointment of the Scrutiny Committee

–          Approval of the minutes of the 2017 AGM

–          Approval of the 2017 Accounts

–          Fundraising report

–          Approval of the 2019 Budget

–          Discharge of the International Treasurer of the 2017 Accounts

–          Preparation for 2019 Election of the members of the International Board and co-presidents of PCI

–          Decision on the venue and date of the 2019 Annual General Meeting

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