Violence along the “Balkan Route”

Violenze e restrizioni sanitarie hanno segnato le ultime settimane delle persone in movimento lungo la rotta dei Balcani occidentali. Un webinar promosso da Border Violence Monitoring Network

The intersection of health restrictions and border violence shows a tightening set of measures for people-on-the-move in the Western Balkans and Greece. Since the onset of COVID-19 lockdowns and states of emergency, inequality has been sharpened for transit communities, further limiting access to asylum, healthcare, adequate accommodation, and safety from brutal collective expulsions. In this webinar, five individuals involved in grassroot activism, (own) migration struggles, journalism or strategic litigation will share their perspective on recent developements along the so-called Balkan Route since the spread of Covid-19. They will discuss the increasing deployment of army and security forces at borders and camps in the region, ongoing violent (chain-)pushbacks, collective expulsions from camps in lockdown, neglect of hygenic and basic standards in closed camps and repressions against people living in squats and other informal settlements.


Milica Švabić (Belgrade) – lawyer and activist from Klikaktiv – Centar za razvoj socijalnih politika-

Katja Utroša (Ljubljana) – activist from collective Infokolpa-

Milena Zajović (Zagreb) – president of Are You Syrious?, BVMN advocacy officer, journalist, film maker and activist-

Zied Abdellaoui (Velika Kladuša) – activist from Tunis, currently stuck in Northern Bosnia Simon Campbell (Thessaloniki) – BVMN field coordinator, activist-

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