3 years later: remembering November 6th, 2017

On 6 November, 2017, the so-called Libyan Coast Guard caused the death of at least 20 people through the violent intervention against a boat in distress. The Sea-Watch 3 is witnessing the incident live at that time and tries to calm down the chaotic situation while dozens of people are already in the water.

Our crew left the harrowing scene with 59 survivors and the body of a two-year-old boy on board. Three years later sadness and anger prevail. Violence against survivors, illegal pushbacks at European borders and the systematic drowning of people in the central Mediterranean Sea do not find an end. Johannes, head of operations on the Sea-Watch 3 a that time, remembers what happened after the mission:

Fonte: Sea Watch – https://sea-watch.org/it/threeyearslater/

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